Facility Renovations and Upgrades

Sustainability. This word is being used more and more recently, as companies and citizens of our world look at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact to protect our natural resources and our planet. As a company, we are always looking for ways we can do this within our facility to improve both the production of our product and the well-being of our employees. This year, we have been privileged to take part in a very interesting project that satisfies both of these goals.

In collaboration with Duke Energy, Chandler Foods has invested into becoming a 100% LED facility. All lighting fixtures have been replaced or retro-fit in order to accommodate lower-voltage/higher output lights that drastically increase the lumens in and around the facility. In addition, several key refrigerant motors were replaced with newer technology that reduces electric demands across the facility without affecting our cooling abilities. The result is a safer, brighter, and overall more conducive work experience for all employees, and a better product for the customer.

We feel a great deal of responsibility as a company to continually invest in ways to be more sustainable. Whether that is through the suppliers we do business with or the choices we make within our facility, we will continue to look for ways to operate as efficiently and sustainably as possible.