Hurricane Florence recovery efforts aided by community

On September 14, 2018, the coastal Carolinas were hit by one of the largest natural disasters in our area’s history. Hurricane Florence brought storm surge, high winds, and left a deadly toll on many in the area. The effects following this storm will be felt for many years to come, as many families in the area lost vehicles, homes and businesses. Fortunately, our state has pulled together in this time of need, and thanks to support from multiple organizations such as the American Red Cross, United Way, and the North Carolina Baptist Men, we have been able to respond to those in need.

On Thursday October 18, 2018, the North Carolina Baptist Men reported that all big feeding kitchens in the area had finally closed following a month-long effort of serving food in that community. According to their press release, at one time they had 10 large kitchens providing food to Florence survivors at 10 different locations across North Carolina. A total of 1,057,623 hot meals – many of which were Chandler’s BBQ – were prepared and served from these 10 kitchens.

The rebuilding effort that will need to take place across the coast may take several years, but through volunteer work and organizational support from the companies listed above, the area will recover. At Chandler Foods, we are proud and honored to call North Carolina home, and the efforts of these people go to show that we can overcome anything in our path – even a hurricane. We are #carolinastrong.