Who let the ‘dogs out?

Summer is here and that means a lot to the people in our region. From beach weeks and baseball to summer food staples like ice cream and hot dogs, these warm months are some of the best of the year! Now is the time for you, the operator, to capitalize on a great business opportunity.

If you do not currently use Chandler’s Hot Dog Chili, you are missing out! We produce the industry standard in hot dog chili, which is the perfect complement to many restaurant and convenience store food offerings. Operators will find excellent uses for our chili as a topper for hot dogs, burgers or nachos; let your imagination run wild! You can feel great about the quality and consistency of chili the chili you serve your customers. Serving Chandler chili adds value to your menu and profit to your operation.  In addition to grinding our own fresh beef trimmings in-house, we make everything from scratch!

Take your summer business to the next level with Chandler’s Hot Dog Chili!