Welcome to Chandler Foods

What chefs don’t want to have a distinctive recipe of their own? Unique and original recipes provide authenticity to food, but sometimes it can take more time in an already busy kitchen. Only premium ingredients will suffice for that recipe you call your own, and those ingredients must be the best every time you begin to prepare. With Chandler Foods premium barbecue products, you can be sure that every bite is as good as the last, every time. Explore the possibilities with our full line of pork, beef and chicken barbecues, all of which are available in a variety of sauces to accommodate the flavors of your region. Our ‘Make Your Own’ line at Chandler Foods is consistently delicious so you can be wildly creative!

66 years and still going strong!

Founded in 1955 as a small, family-owned restaurant in Greensboro, North Carolina, we’ve grown to become the premium supplier of pork, beef, chicken and kettle products throughout the southeast and beyond. Today, Chandler Foods has a modern, USDA inspected facility that has refined the art of delivering consistent quality, year after year. Sixty-six years plus and still growing strong!