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Independent Restaurants


Family and independently owned restaurants are the backbone of the foodservice industry. They are also known to be the busiest and most stressed for time. Our time-saving offerings give the restaurateur the assurance that their BBQ and chili have that “home-made” appeal they represent.

  • Ease of use for the owner that does not have the equipment or labor to do BBQ.
  • Our chili is more consistent than homemade…no matter who prepares it!
  • Pulled Pork is on virtually EVERY menu in America…in numerous applications.
  • “Make Your Own” product are ONE case of product turned into unlimited menu ideas.
  • Our high service level to distributors keeps your product in stock whenever you need it.
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Multi-Unit Operators


What are the 3 most important factors to chain restaurants success? Quality, authenticity, and consistency! Also, while BBQ is one of the most stable items on a core menu, the Limited Time Offers (LTO’s) are limitless! Affordable and delicious, our BBQ and chili are power profit generators.

  • BBQ is a key menu item to help a multi-unit operator have a hometown feel.
  • Because we hand-process our pork, patrons perceive our products as “in-house” prepared.
  • Every location, no matter where they are, gets the SAME consistent quality in every case.
  • Our sauce and seasoning blocks are time-tested for mass appeal.
  • Safety is always a priority at our sterling USDA plant in North Carolina.
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Healthcare and Retirement


Long-term and Acute Health Care operations rely on Chandler Foods for consistently delicious, wholesome, and easy to use barbecue and chili.  Senior diners at retirement homes love our homespun reminders of their favorite local barbecue place.

  • All price and quality levels for every healthcare application.
  • Fully cooked thaw/heat/serve product line serves as “Alternates” for your menu.
  • “Make Your Own” line offers versatility for cycle menus.
  • Kettle products like chili and Brunswick Stew add to options to all seasonal menus.
  • Premier CMA Vendor in Ready to Use BBQ category.
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For the warfighters and peacekeepers of our United States Military, we offer wholesome, delicious, and easy to prepare products. Food Service Officers and kitchen personnel find Chandler Foods pork, chicken, and beef to be superior in quality, consistency, and ease of use.

  • “Make Your Own” line offers versatility for cycle menus.
  • Nutritional profiles rich in protein. Reasonable sodium and calorie counts.
  • Boil-In-Bag packaging allows for easy use in base and field kitchen preparation.
  • Excellent participation from diners in all 5 armed service branches of the US Military.
  • MWR applications – Officer Clubs, golf courses, bowling, and other recreational outlets.

  Worldwide Military Broker Strategic Culinary Innovations (SCI) Jacob Dingle, CW4 (RET) MCFE, MA, SMBE, VET, DAV (678) 595-4387 [email protected]

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College and University Dining


Campuses across the country are looking for genuine regional products and flexibility. Straight out of the package, we can service dining hall patrons with our authentic southern style treats. Additionally, our ultra-flexible “Make Your Own” product line is the perfect base for unlimited applications.

  • 18-25 year old diners have greater exposure to the American BBQ culture through media.
  • Our “Make Your Own” line can be used for virtually ANY ethnic menu application.
  • Our chicken products offer lower fat, high protein options for health-conscious diners.
  • Gluten-Free “Make Your Own” line increases menu participation.
  • Perfect for “Food Court” or kiosk style dining halls in numerous applications.
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Convenience Stores/Concessions/Quick Serve Restaurants


American diners have spoken: They love all kinds of Barbecue and Chili AND they want it FAST and ON-THE-GO. Our fully cooked and easy to execute offerings allow C-Stores, Concessionaires, Vending Carts, and Quick Serve operators to get the backyard BBQ taste in a case from Chandler Foods.

  • Authentic BBQ and chili. Perfect for operator without the equipment to cook their own.
  • Products perform well in warmers for extended hours.
  • Labor force easily trained to make our products right every time.
  • Enough variety to suit the needs of any location based on quality, execution, and price point.
  • Digital images available (HI and LO Resolution) for in-store signage or marketing.
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School Foodservice


Chandler Foods has been supplying school foodservice barbecue and chili for generations of students.  Our Child Nutrition products are made with the same fresh ingredients and recipes as our restaurant-quality lines.  They are rich in flavor and formulated to meet the needs of students everywhere!

  • CN labels for 6 key pork and chicken products. (Click Here for CN POS Sheet)
  • Sauce formulations please the most students for increased participation.
  • Competitive bid pricing and reasonable portion costs for all items.
  • Ease of preparation for all operations.
  • Full line product offerings for private schools, day cares, and summer camps.
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Business and Industry


Let Them Eat Lunch! Corporate dining and catering continue to search for simple options to keep their repeat customer base satisfied. BBQ is the ultimate Southern “comfort food” for that day of the week that folks want something to sink their teeth into. Affordable prices keep food costs down.

  • Increases company productivity by keeping employees eating “in-house” BBQ lunches.
  • “Make Your Own” ethnic menu applications – Hispanic, Island, Cuban, Asian, and MORE!
  • Foodbuy approved supplier to Compass and Committed Customer accounts.
  • Our line can work in “for-profit” and “subsidized” cafeteria applications.
  • BBQ Day at a corporate dining operation can boost morale at any company.
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