Into every Chandler product, we blend our core values of quality, honesty, efficiency, consistency and success. Every case we ship bears the history and dedication that makes our barbecue, chili and kettle items the standard foodservice choice.

It all starts with only the finest quality ingredients. Chandler uses pork Boston Butts exclusively in all our pork barbecue. The most tender meat available, these skinless cuts have much less fat and gristle so that our barbecue is almost 100% servable with no waste. Superior quality delivers the taste of the pork first with our hand-crafted sauces to compliment the slow-cooked, gently pulled pork that comes out of the oven tender and juicy every time. Available in three distinct flavors: Savory Tomato-based, tangy Carolina vinegar-based and Papa’s own Mustard-based, Chandler’s has a recipe to match every regional taste.